Tuned Hyper Reconfiguration Analysis Applying Plant Growth Algorithm

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Conference Proceeding

Publication Date

Winter 12-17-2019


Distribution system reconfiguration is considered a complicated optimization process that aims to find the optimal structure taken into consideration minimizing losses with reliability indices to satisfy the both sides; the consumers and distribution system companies. The power system reliability is considered as one of the most significant parameters in this regard. The reliability of the system targets increasing the satisfaction of power consumption. Distribution system reconfiguration, taken into consideration reliability parameters, imitates solving the optimization problem is difficult. In this paper, the plant growth model approach for distribution system (IEEE-69 bus as a case study) is clearly employed. Also, regarding to the reliability, the applied indices formulas has been analyzed. In addition, the effectiveness of the plant growth algorithm is applied to a balanced test for radial distribution system. The obtained results for distribution system are discussed and analyzed to measure the effectiveness of the suggested technique.