Optimal Allocation for Photovoltaic/ Wind Turbine Applying A Hybrid Butterfly Genetic Algorithm

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Conference Proceeding

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Winter 12-17-2019


In this paper, optimal load flow is required to minimize the power losses in radial distribution systems. Load flow in power systems is used to calculate voltage at each node under different conditions in addition to determining all losses in radial network. Applying Backward/forward sweep load flow method. The objective of the optimal load flow is to reduce system losses by integrating (DGs). Applying Renewable DGs are strongly recommended because of its reliability and safe operations compared to fuels used for generating electricity. The DGs are composed of PV/Wind turbine to compensate the active power while capacitors are utilized to compensate reactive power. Genetic algorithm, and butterfly technique are applied and combined as an optimization technique to decide the optimal sizes/locations of DG-units to be placed in the radial-distribution networks. The results are tested on the “IEEE 69-bus” test networks to validate the proposed algorithms.