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Spring 4-19-2022


Project scheduling has been crucial in any construction project since applying poor scheduling may lead to cost overruns and delays. The most commonly used technique for scheduling is the critical path method (CPM). As CPM neglects the availability of resources and assumes only time as a constrain; therefore, the resource allocation problem (RAP) technique is introduced. RAP appears when the number of resources required exceeds the number of resources available. Moreover, as a result of solving the RAP, another problem will occur known as the resource leveling problem (RLP). RLP lead to lots of hiring and firing of laborers. Researchers all over the world have come up withan enormous number of solutions to solve these two problems RAP and RLP. This research aims to provide an integrated methodology and analogical model for planning a construction project with the employment of ELS and the minimum moment method (MOM) for solving the resources problem. Furthermore, a comparison takes place between the leveled resource histogram using MOM and symbiotic organisms search (SOS). Applying a case study for validation purposes and identifying the differences between both approaches is introduced.