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Aim This prospective clinical study compared postoperative pain following single visit root canal treatment in patients with asymptomatic mandibular molar teeth with necrotic pulps using two different instrumentation techniques: multi-file rotary (ProTaper Universal), and reciprocating single-file (WaveOne) techniques.

Methodology Forty patients, who fulfilled specific inclusion criteria were randomly and equally assigned to 2 groups according to the root canal instrumentation technique used. All treatments were performed in one appointment. Patients were asked to complete a numerical rating scale (NRS) for recording pain levels at 6, 12, 24, 72 h and at 1 week postoperative intervals. In addition, the Face Pain Scale was associated with the form to simplify the recording of pain for the patients. The patients were instructed to use mild analgesics if required and asked to record the number of analgesic tablets on their NRS forms. The data were analysed using Chi-square test to compare between the tested groups with a significance set at P < 0.05.

Results The mean NRS pain scores recorded at all periods were not significantly different for both instrumentation techniques (P > 0.05). Also, the mean analgesic consumption with both systems was not significantly different (P > 0.05).

Conclusions In patients with asymptomatic mandibular molars with necrotic pulps, root canal preparation with either ProTaper or the Wave-One instrumentation techniques was not associated with a significant difference in postoperative pain or analgesic