A Hybrid Filtering Technique of Digital Images in Multimedia Data Warehouses

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Winter 1-1-2023


The similarity search approach used for image Data Warehouse (DW) can provide better insights into discovering the most similar images compared to the input query. Due to the later innovation improvement, the mixed media complexity is discernibly expanded and modern inquires about regions are opened depending on comparable mixed media substance recovery. Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) algorithms are utilized for the retrieval of images related to the inquiry image from gigantic databases or DW. The queries that are used for DW are complex, take a lot of time to process and many give less accurate results. For these reasons, this paper needs to have an effective technique to improve the similarity search query process that reflects a more positive result. In this paper, show how to extract features from a set of images (color, shape, and texture features) by using CBIR algorithm with Color Edge Detection (CED) method. Once these features are extracted, the proposed method will minimize the distance between these features vectors and the query image one using a Genetic Algorithm (GA). This paper illustrates the extraction of endless strong and imperative features from the database of the images, therefore, the capacity of these features in storing within the frame of features vectors. Accordingly, an imaginative closeness assessment with a metaheuristic algorithm (Genetic Algorithm (GA) with Simulating Annealing (SA)) has been attained between the query image features and those having a place in the database image. This paper introduces a new algorithm CEDF (Color Edge Detection with Gaussian Blur Filter) that applies the Gaussian Blur Filter after using CED method for feature detection of the image. Experimental results show that CEDF method gives better result than the other already-known methods.