Phytochemical and pharmacological studies on Lactuca sativa seed oil

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The seed oil of L. sativa var. longifolia was chemically characterized. GLC revealed that the oil is built-up of oleic (61.5%), stearic (20.4), palmitic (9.7), myristic (2.8), cis-palmitoleic (1.2), behenic (0.5) and lignoseric (0.3) acids. β-Sitosterol and β-amyrin were identified by TLC. The oral LD50 of the oil in mice was found to be 19.8 ml/kg. The oil showed sedative effect in locomotor activity test, potentiation of the hypnotic effect of barbiturates, analgesic effect in acetic acid-induced writhing test and anticonvulsant activity against pentylenetetrazole-induced convulsion. The oil exhibits tolerance to its neurological effects on repeated use for prolonged time.

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