Most Recent Additions*


Thermodynamical correspondence of f (R) gravity in the Jordan and Einstein frames
G. G.L. Nashed, W. El Hanafy, S. D. Odintsov, and V. K. Oikonomou


Arbitrary amplitude dust-acoustic waves in Jupiter atmosphere
Haifa A. Al-Yousef, B. M. Alotaibi, R. E. Tolba, and W. M. Moslem


Elucidation of Surface Nano-hillocks by Localized Plasma Expansion
A. A. Almaaz, W. M. Moslem, and M. El-Metwally


Super rogue wave catalysis in Titan's ionosphere
M. E. Yahia, R. E. Tolba, and W. M. Moslem


Ionic loss from Venus upper ionosphere via plasma wake
W. M. Moslem, I. A. Elsheikh, R. E. Tolba, A. A. El-Zant, and M. El-Metwally


Disformal transformations in modified teleparallel gravity
Alexey Golovnev and María José Guzmán

*Updated as of 10/20/21.