Submissions from 2019

Lanthanide-DNA probe for spectrofluorimetric determination of some 6-fluoroquinolones in eye-ear pharmaceutical preparations, Mohamed Rizk, Ibrahim H.I. Habib, Dalia Mohamed, Shereen Mowaka, and Rasha Th El-Eryan

Coenzyme Q10 mitigates ionizing radiation-induced testicular damage in rats through inhibition of oxidative stress and mitochondria-mediated apoptotic cell death, Riham S. Said, Heba A. Mohamed, and Mohamed M. Kamal

Optimization Studies and Chemical Investigations of Aspergillus terreus-18 Showing Antioxidant Activity, A. M. Saleh, H. A. El-Refai, Abdel Gawad M. Hashem, H. A. El-Menoufy, N. M. Mansour, and A. A. El-Beih

Effect of plasma MicroRNA on antihypertensive response to beta blockers in the Pharmacogenomic Evaluation of Antihypertensive Responses (PEAR) studies, Mohamed H. Solayman, Taimour Y. Langaee, Yan Gong, Mohamed H. Shahin, Stephen T. Turner, Arlene B. Chapman, John G. Gums, Eric Boerwinkle, Amber L. Beitelshees, Manal El-Hamamsy, Lamia El-Wakeel, Rhonda M. Cooper-DeHoff, Osama A. Badary, and Julie A. Johnson

A Validated Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Nadifloxacin, Mometasone Furoate and Miconazole Nitrate in Their Combined Dosage Form and Spiked Human Plasma Samples, Mohamed Tarek, Hebatallah Wagdy, Eman S. Elzanfaly, and Sawsan M. Amer

Synthesis of surface imprinted core-shell nanospheres for the selective determination of asparaginase, Hebatallah Wagdy, Mehmet Dinc, and Boris Mizaikoff

A validated reverse phase-ultra-performance liquid chromatography method for the determination of gemifloxacin mesylate in bulk and its pharmaceutical preparation, Hebatallah Wagdy, Mohamed Tarek, Ahmed Amer, Menna Gamal, and Mohamed M. Elmazar


Kinetic Degradation Study of Dapagliflozin Coupled with UHPLC Separation in the Presence of Major Degradation Product and Metformin, Wafaa A. Zaghary, Shereen Mowaka, and Moataz S. Hendy


Summary of chromatographic analysis methods of anti diabetic gliflozins Empagliflozin, Canagliflozin and Dapagliflozin, W. A. Zaghary, Shereen Mowaka, and Moataz S. Hendy

Azoreductase activity of dye-decolorizing bacteria isolated from the human gut microbiota, Sara A. Zahran, Marwa Ali-Tammam, Abdel Gawad M. Hashem, Ramy K. Aziz, and Amal E. Ali

Submissions from 2018

Encapsulation of cinnamon essential oil in whey protein enhances the protective effect against single or combined sub-chronic toxicity of fumonisin B1 and/or aflatoxin B1 in rats, Mosaad A. Abdel-Wahhab, Aziza A. El-Nekeety, Nabila S. Hassan, Abdullah A.Y. Gibriel, and Khaled G. Abdel-Wahhab

Fucoidan Prolongs the Circulation Time of Dextran-Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles, Maha Abdollah, Thomas J. Carter, Clare Jones, Tammy L. Kalber, Vineeth Rajkumar, Berend Tolner, Cordula Gruettner, May Zaw-Thin, Julia Baguña Torres, Matthew Ellis, Mathew Robson, R. Barbara Pedley, Paul Mulholland, T. M.De Rosales Rafael, and Kerry Ann Chester

Evaluation of antibacterial activity and toxic metal removal of chemically synthesized magnetic iron oxide titanium coated nanoparticles and application in bacterial treatment, Yasser A.M. Abdulhady, Mona M. El-Shazly, and Reham F. El-Kased

Studying the medication prescribing errors in the egyptian community pharmacies, Nermeen Abuelsoud, Safa Abdelbaset, Sally Sayed, Mennatallah Hesham, Omnia Osama, Monica Farid, Ahmed Talaat, Marwa Anis, Nourhan Kamal, and Donia Magdy

Protective effects of thymoquinone on D-galactose and aluminum chloride induced neurotoxicity in rats: biochemical, histological and behavioral changes, Yasmin S. Abulfadl, Nabila N. El-Maraghy, Amany Ali Eissa Ahmed, Shahira Nofal, and Osama A. Badary

Thymoquinone alleviates the experimentally induced Alzheimer’s disease inflammation by modulation of TLRs signaling, Y. S. Abulfadl, N. N. El-Maraghy, A. A.Eissa Ahmed, S. Nofal, Y. Abdel-Mottaleb, and Osama A. Badary

Applicability of different molecular markers techniques for genetic distinguish between two genera cressa linn. And cuscuta Yunck. family convolvulaceae, Asmaa Amer, Hussein Taha, Nagwa Ammar, Maha M. Salama, and Taha El-Alfy

Bioavailability study of niosomal salbutamol sulfate in metered dose inhaler: Controlled pulmonary drug delivery, Mona Arafa and Bassam M. Ayoub

Thermoresponsive gels containing gold nanoparticles as smart antibacterial and wound healing agents, Mona Arafa, Reham F. El-Kased, and Mohamed M. Elmazar

Propolis-based niosomes as oromuco-adhesive films: A randomized clinical trial of a therapeutic drug delivery platform for the treatment of oral recurrent aphthous ulcers, Mona Arafa, Dalia Ghalwash, Dina M. El-Kersh, and Mohamed M. Elmazar

Verbascoside: Identification, Quantification, and Potential Sensitization of Colorectal Cancer Cells to 5-FU by Targeting PI3K/AKT Pathway, Yasmeen M. Attia, Dina M. El-Kersh, Hebatallah Wagdy, and Mohamed M. Elmazar

Structural re-positioning, in silico molecular modelling, oxidative degradation, and biological screening of linagliptin as adenosine 3 receptor (ADORA3) modulators targeting hepatocellular carcinoma, Bassam M. Ayoub, Yasmeen M. Attia, and Mahmoud S. Ahmed

Factorial design optimization of micelle enhanced synchronous spectrofluorimetric assay of Omarigliptin: Applied to content uniformity testing and in vitro drug release, Bassam M. Ayoub, Shereen Mowaka, and Mona Arafa


Repositioning of omarigliptin as a once-weekly intranasal anti-parkinsonian agent, Bassam M. Ayoub, Shereen Mowaka, Marwa M. Safar, Nermeen Ashoush, Mona Arafa, Haidy E. Michel, Mariam M. Tadros, Mohamed M. Elmazar, and Shaker A. Mousa

Pomegranate extract-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles: Design, optimization, and in vitro cytotoxicity study, Noha M. Badawi, Mahmoud H. Hteaima, Khalid M. El-Say, Dalia Attia, Mohamed A. Ael-Nabarawi, and Mohamed M. Elmazar

CDH23 methylation status and presbycusis risk in elderly women, Amal Bouzid, Ibtihel Smeti, Amine Chakroun, Salma Loukil, Abdullah A.Y. Gibriel, Mhamed Grati, Abdelmonem Ghorbel, and Saber Masmoudi

Down-expression of P2RX2, KCNQ5, ERBB3 and SOCS3 through DNA hypermethylation in elderly women with presbycusis, Amal Bouzid, Ibtihel Smeti, Leila Dhouib, Magali Roche, Imen Achour, Aida Khalfallah, Abdullah Ahmed Gibriel, Ilhem Charfeddine, Hammadi Ayadi, Joel Lachuer, Abdelmonem Ghorbel, Christine Petit, and Saber Masmoudi

Obestatin can potentially differentiate Wharton’s jelly mesenchymal stem cells into insulin-producing cells, Rana K. El-Asfar, Mohamed M. Kamal, Rania S. Abd EL-Razek, Ebtehal EL-Demerdash, and Hala O. El-Mesallamy

Fluconazole-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles topical gel for treatment of pityriasis versicolor: Formulation and clinical study, Shaimaa El-Housiny, Maii Atef Shams Eldeen, Yasmina Ahmed El-Attar, Hoda A. Salem, Dalia Attia, Ehab R. Bendas, and Mohamed A. El-Nabarawi

Immuno-analytical approach and its application for cardiac disease marker detection, Reham F. El-Kased

Antimicrobial resistance, biofilm formation, and phylogenetic grouping of uropathogenic Escherichia coli isolates in Egypt: The role of efflux pump-mediated resistance, Wesam Elsayed Gawad, Omneya Mohamed Helmy, Wael Mostafa Tawakkol, and Abdel Gawad M. Hashem

Moxifloxacin hydrochloride electrochemical detection based on newly designed molecularly imprinted polymer, Mennatallah A. Hammam, Hebatallah Wagdy, and Rasha M. El Nashar

A cytotoxic flavonol glycoside from Melaleuca leucadendra leaves extract with immunostimulant activity, A. N. Hashim, Noha Swilam, E. S. Moustafa, S. M. Bakry, R. M. Labib, H. H. Barakat, A. B. Singab, M. W. Linscheid, and M. A. Nawwar

Cilostazol Mediated Nurr1 and Autophagy Enhancement: Neuroprotective Activity in Rat Rotenone PD Model, Shireen A. Hedya, Marwa M. Safar, and Ashraf K. Bahgat

Molecular docking and semi-empirical quantum studies on cholesterol with cyclodextrins, Boubaker Hosouna, Ashraf A.A. Abdusalam, Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein, and Hebatallah Wagdy

Novel Anti-arthritic Mechanisms of Polydatin in Complete Freund’s Adjuvant-Induced Arthritis in Rats: Involvement of IL-6, STAT-3, IL-17, and NF-кB, Kamel M. Kamel, Amany M. Gad, Suzan M. Mansour, Marwa M. Safar, and Hala M. Fawzy

Effect of valproic acid alone or combined with low dose gamma irradiation in modulating PTZ-induced convulsions in rats involving AKT/m-TOR pathway, Dina M. Lotfy, Marwa M. Safar, Seham H. Mohamed, and Sanaa A. Kenawy

REST overexpression in mice causes deficits in spontaneous locomotion, Li Lu, Anantha Marisetty, Bin Liu, Mohamed M. Kamal, Joy Gumin, Bethany Veo, You Qing Cai, Dina Hamada Kassem, Connie Weng, Mark E. Maynard, Kimberly N. Hood, Gregory N. Fuller, Zhizhong Z. Pan, Matthew D. Cykowski, Pramod K. Dash, and Sadhan Majumder

Efficient One-Pot, Two-Component Modular Synthesis of 3,5-Disubstituted Pyrazoles, Samy Mohamady, Braden Kralt, Shery K. Samwel, and Scott D. Taylor

Synthesis of Nucleoside-5′-O-Tetraphosphates from Activated Trimetaphosphate and Nucleoside-5′-O-Monophosphates, Samy Mohamady and Scott D. Taylor

A coumarin with an unusual structure from Cuphea ignea, its cytotoxicity and antioxidant activities, E. S. Moustafa, Noha Swilam, O. B. Ghanem, A. N. Hashim, M. A. Nawwar, U. Lindequist, and M. W. Linscheid

Different spectrophotometric methods for simultaneous determination of trelagliptin and its acid degradation product, Shereen Mowaka, Bassam M. Ayoub, Mostafa A. Hassan, and Wafaa A. Zaghary

A replication study for association of LBX1 locus with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in French-canadian population, Dina Nada, Cédric Julien, Mark E. Samuels, and Alain Moreau

Biochemistry of idiopathic scoliosis: From discovery to diagnostic biomarkers, Dina Nada and Alain Moreau

Spray dried lactose based proniosomes as stable provesicular drug delivery carriers: Screening, formulation, and physicochemical characterization, Ali Nasr, Mona Qushawy, and Shady Swidan

Polyphenols LC-MS2 profile of Ajwa date fruit (Phoenix dactylifera L.) and their microemulsion: Potential impact on hepatic fibrosis, Khaled Nematallah, Nahla A. Ayoub, Essam Abdelsattar, Meselhy R. Meselhy, Mohamed M. Elmazar, Ahmed H. El-Khatib, Michael W. Linscheid, Rania M. Hathout, Kavitha Godugu, Aya Adel, and Shaker A. Mousa

Serum Vitamin D and Its Upregulated Protein, Thioredoxin Interacting Protein, Are Associated With Beta-Cell Dysfunction in Adult Patients With Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, Doaa F. Omar, Mohamed M. Kamal, Mohamed H. El-Hefnawy, and Hala Osman EL-Mesallamy

Mass spectrometric epitope mapping, Kwabena F.M. Opuni, Mahmoud Al-Majdoub, Yelena Yefremova, Reham F. El-Kased, Cornelia Koy, and Michael O. Glocker

Design, optimization and characterization of a transfersomal gel using miconazole nitrate for the treatment of candida skin infections, Mona Qushawy, Ali Nasr, Mohammed Abd-Alhaseeb, and Shady Swidan

The sole and combined effect of simvastatin and platelet rich fibrin as a filling material in induced bone defect in tibia of albino rats, Shereen N. Raafat, Reham M. Amin, Mohamed M. Elmazar, Mahmoud M. Khattab, and Aiman S. El-Khatib

A novel protocol for bacterial ghosts’ preparation using tween 80, Sameh Rabea, Mounir M. Salem-Bekhit, Fars K. Alanazi, Aymen S. Yassin, Nayera A. Moneib, and Abdel Gawad M. Hashem

Neurotherapeutic Effects of Bee Venom in a Rotenone-Induced Mouse Model of Parkinson’s Disease, M. K. Rakha, Rasha A. Tawfiq, R. A. Tawfiq, Mina Malak, M. A. Anwer, S. M. Salama, A. F. Mohamed, M. G. El-Hendy, Sh E. El-Said, N. M. Ahmed, K. S. Mekawi, A. M.Abd El-Aziz, and Mohamed M. Elmazar

UPLC/QTOF/MS profiling of two Psidium species and the in-vivo hepatoprotective activity of their nano-formulated liposomes, Fatema R. Saber, Ghada A. Abdelbary, Maha M. Salama, Dalia O. Saleh, Magda M. Fathy, and Fathy M. Soliman

The impact of seasonal variation on the volatile oil profile of leaves of Severinia buxifolia (Poir.) and its antimicrobial activity, Maha Salama, Mostafa Abdelkawy, Mohamed Saeed hifnawy, and Safaa Ahmed Nour

Polyphenols from Tamarix nilotica: LC–ESI-MSn profiling and in vivo antifibrotic activity, Ahmed Sekkien, Noha Swilam, Sherif S. Ebada, Ahmed Esmat, Ahmed H. El-Khatib, Michael W. Linscheid, and Abdel Nasser Singab

A Novel Role of Irbesartan in Gastroprotection against Indomethacin-Induced Gastric Injury in Rats: Targeting DDAH/ADMA and EGFR/ERK Signaling, Nancy N. Shahin, Noha F. Abdelkader, and Marwa M. Safar

DOE, formulation, and optimization of Repaglinide nanostructured lipid carriers, Shady Swidan, Zeinab N. Mansour, Zeinab A. Mourad, Nahla A. Elhesaisy, Nada A. Mohamed, Mohamed S. Bekheet, Mohamed A. Badawy, Mai M. Elsemeiri, Aya E. Elrefaey, and Amera M. Hassaneen

Non-ionic surfactant based vesicular drug delivery system for topical delivery of caffeine for treatment of cellulite: design, formulation, characterization, histological anti-cellulite activity, and pharmacokinetic evaluation, Mahmoud H. Teaima, Sally A. Abdelhalim, Mohamed A. El-Nabarawi, Dalia Attia, and Doaa A. Helal

A Novel Role of a Chemotherapeutic Agent in a Rat Model of Endotoxemia: Modulation of the STAT-3 Signaling Pathway, Omnia S. Zaki, Marwa M. Safar, Afaf A. Ain-Shoka, and Laila A. Rashed

Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Combat Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Sepsis in Rats via Amendment of P38-MAPK Signaling Cascade, Omnia S. Zaki, Marwa M. Safar, Afaf A. Ain-Shoka, and Laila A. Rashed

Submissions from 2017

Neuroprotective Effect of Nanodiamond in Alzheimer’s Disease Rat Model: a Pivotal Role for Modulating NF-κB and STAT3 Signaling, Shawqi H. Alawdi, Ezzeldin S. El-Denshary, Marwa M. Safar, Housam Eidi, Marie Odile David, and Mosaad A. Abdel-Wahhab


DOE Optimization of Nano-based Carrier of Pregabalin as Hydrogel: New Therapeutic &chemometric Approaches for Controlled Drug Delivery Systems, Mona Arafa and Bassam M. Ayoub

Nano-vesicles of salbutamol sulphate in metered dose inhalers: Formulation, characterization and in vitro evaluation, Mona Arafa and Bassam M. Ayoub

Economic evaluation of imipenem-cilastatin versus doripenem in ventilator-associated pneumonia in Egypt, Nermeen Ashoush

Review on pharmacokinetics of empagliflozin, an inhibitor of the sodium-glucose cotransporter-2, Nermeen Ashoush

The FXR Agonist, Obeticholic Acid, Suppresses HCC Proliferation & Metastasis: Role of IL-6/STAT3 Signalling Pathway, Yasmeen M. Attia, Rasha A. Tawfiq, Aya A. Ali, and Mohamed M. Elmazar

Green pharmaceutical analysis of drugs coformulated with highly different concentrations using spiking and manipulation of their ratio spectra, Bassam M. Ayoub


Quantitative Analysis of Drugs with Highly Different Concentrations of Pharmaceutical Components Using Spectral Subtraction Techniques, Bassam M. Ayoub


Mean centering method for determination of empagliflozin and metformin, Bassam M. Ayoub, Rola M. Emam, Mahmoud M. Youssef, Muhammad N. El-Kattan, Marwa A. Sayed, Ahmed M. Kowider, Adly H. Seha, Engy A. Rabea, Rana M. Yakout, and Rolly H. Faried

LC-MS/MS determination of empagliflozin and metformin, Bassam M. Ayoub and Shereen Mowaka


Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Empagliflozin in Healthy Egyptian Volunteers Using LC-MS/MS and Comparison with Other Ethnic Populations, Bassam M. Ayoub, Shereen Mowaka, Eman S. Elzanfaly, Nermeen Ashoush, Mohamed M. Elmazar, and Shaker A. Mousa

A validated HPLC method for simultaneous determination of perindopril arginine, amlodipine, and indapamide: Application in bulk and in different pharmaceutical dosage forms, Ramzia I. El-Bagary, Ehab F. Elkady, Shereen Mowaka, and Maria A. Attallah

Honey-based hydrogel: In vitro and comparative in vivo evaluation for burn wound healing, Reham F. El-Kased, Reham I. Amer, Dalia Attia, and Mohamed M. Elmazar

IDH Mutation, Competitive Inhibition of FTO, and RNA Methylation, Sara M. Elkashef, An Ping Lin, Jamie Myers, Heinz Sill, Daifeng Jiang, Patricia L.M. Dahia, and Ricardo C.T. Aguiar

Rosmarinic acid attenuates hepatic fibrogenesis via suppression of hepatic stellate cell activation/proliferation and induction of apoptosis, Naglaa M. El-Lakkany, Walaa H. El-Maadawy, Sayed H. Seif el-Din, Olfat A. Hammam, Salwa H. Mohamed, Shahira M. Ezzat, Marwa M. Safar, and Samira Saleh

EVESOR, a model-based, multiparameter, Phase i trial to optimize the benefit/toxicity ratio of everolimus and sorafenib, Mévidette El-Madani, Olivier Colomban, Michel Tod, Denis Maillet, Julien Peron, Claire Rodriguez-Lafrasse, Osama A. Badary, Pierre Jean Valette, Thibaud Lefort, Philippe Cassier, Siham M. El-Shenawy, Ebtehal El-Demerdash, Juliette Hommel-Fontaine, Jerome Guitton, Marie Claude Gagnieu, Bassant M.M. Ibrahim, Catherine Barrois, Gilles Freyer, and Benoit You

Synthesis of new thieno[2,3-b]pyridine derivatives as pim-1 inhibitors, Hala B. El-Nassan and Bassem H. Naguib

Antiprotozoal activity of major constituents from the bioactive fraction of Verbesina encelioides, Shahira M. Ezzat, Maha M. Salama, Engy A. Mahrous, Louis Maes, Cheol Ho Pan, and Essam Abdel-Sattar

Volatiles profiling in Ceratonia siliqua (Carob bean) from Egypt and in response to roasting as analyzed via solid-phase microextraction coupled to chemometrics, Mohamed A. Farag and Dina M. El-Kersh

Volatiles distribution in Nigella species (black cumin seeds) and in response to roasting as analyzed via solid-phase microextraction (SPME) coupled to chemometrics, Mohamed A. Farag, Dina M. El-Kersh, Dalia M. Rasheed, and Andreas G. Heiss

Advances in ligase chain reaction and ligation-based amplifications for genotyping assays: Detection and applications, Abdullah A.Y. Gibriel and Ola Adel

Biofilm formation in enterococci: Genotype-phenotype correlations and inhibition by vancomycin, Yomna Hashem, Heba M. Amin, Tamer M. Essam, Aymen S. Yassin, and Ramy K. Aziz

Telluric Acid Ameliorates Endotoxemic Kidney Injury in Mice: Involvement of TLR4, Nrf2, and PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathways, Ahmed F. Mohamed, Marwa M. Safar, Hala F. Zaki, and Helmy M. Sayed

Different applications of isosbestic points, normalized spectra and dual wavelength as powerful tools for resolution of multicomponent mixtures with severely overlapping spectra, Ekram Hany Mohamed, Hayam M. Lotfy, Maha A. Hegazy, and Shereen Mowaka

Comparative study between UHPLC-UV and UPLC-MS/MS methods for determination of alogliptin and metformin in their pharmaceutical combination, Shereen Mowaka and Bassam M. Ayoub

Enhanced LC-MS/MS determination of alogliptin and metformin in plasma: Application to a pharmacokinetic study, Shereen Mowaka, Ehab F. Elkady, Mohamed M. Elmazar, and Bassam M. Ayoub

Novel pure component contribution algorithm (PCCA) and UHPLC methods for separation and quantification of amlodipine, valsartan, and hydrochlorothiazide in ternary mixture, Shereen Mowaka, Maha A. Hegazy, Hayam M. Lotfy, and Ekram Hany Mohamed

A Concise Comparative Mini Review between HPLC-UV and Spectrophotometric Analysis of Gliptins in Pharmaceutical Formulations, Shereen Mowaka, Moataz S. Hendy, Mohamed M. Elmazar, Andrew Hakeem, Ramzia I. El-Bagary, Ehab F. Elkady, Mirna Antoun, Mai Shaalan, Sara Abdel-wahab, Mai Elsemeiri, Nourhan Abdelaziz, Alaa Mohamed, Menna Eltahawy, Asmaa Rashid, Rola Emam, Mahmoud Youssef, Muhammad El-kattan, Marwa Sayed, and Bassam M. Ayoub


Synthesis of New Pyridothienopyrimidinone and Pyridothieno -triazolopyrimidine Derivatives as Pim-1 Inhibitors, Bassem Naguib, Hala B. El-Nassan, and Engy A. Beshay

Synthesis of new pyridothienopyrimidinone derivatives as Pim-1 inhibitors, Bassem H. Naguib, Hala B. El-Nassan, and T. M. Abdelghany

Randomized double-blinded pilot clinical study of the antidiabetic activity of balanites aegyptiaca and uplc-esi-ms/ms identification of its metabolites, Hend Rashad, Fateheya M. Metwally, Shahira M. Ezzat, Maha M. Salama, Adel Hasheesh, and Amira Abdel Motaal

Association of serum pancreatic derived factor (PANDER) with beta-cell dysfunction in type 2 diabetes mellitus, Miral M. Shehata, Mohamed M. Kamal, Mohamed H. El-Hefnawy, and Hala O. EL-Mesallamy

Ischemia-responsive protein 94 is a key mediator of ischemic neuronal injury-induced microglial activation, Rajiv Tikamdas, Sarthak Singhal, Ping Zhang, Justin A. Smith, Eric G. Krause, Stanley M. Stevens, Sihong Song, and Bin Liu

Mass spectrometric characterization of protein structures and protein complexes in condensed and gas phase, Yelena Yefremova, Bright D. Danquah, Kwabena F.M. Opuni, Reham F. El-Kased, Cornelia Koy, and Michael O. Glocker

Anti-tumor efficacy of an integrated methyl dihydrojasmonate transdermal microemulsion system targeting breast cancer cells: In vitro and in vivo studies, Rania Yehia, Rania M. Hathout, Dalia A. Attia, Mohamed M. Elmazar, and Nahed D. Mortada

Comparative study between different simple methods manipulating ratio spectra for the analysis of alogliptin and metformin co-formulated with highly different concentrations, Wafaa A. Zaghary, Shereen Mowaka, Mostafa A. Hassan, and Bassam M. Ayoub


Suitability of various chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques for analysis and kinetic degradation study of trelagliptin, Wafaa A. Zaghary, Shereen Mowaka, Mostafa A. Hassan, and Bassam M. Ayoub


Comparative liquid chromatographic study for concurrent determination of canagliflozin and metformin in combined tablets, Wafaa A. Zaghary, Shereen Mowaka, and Moataz S. Hendy

Submissions from 2016

Ursodeoxycholic Acid Ameliorates Apoptotic Cascade in the Rotenone Model of Parkinson’s Disease: Modulation of Mitochondrial Perturbations, Noha F. Abdelkader, Marwa M. Safar, and Hesham A. Salem

Indole-3-carbinol enhances sorafenib cytotoxicity in hepatocellular carcinoma cells: A mechanistic study, Mai M. Abdelmageed, Reem N. El-Naga, Ebtehal El-Demerdash, and Mohamed M. Elmazar